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July 13th Deadline To Join Overtime Case Approaching

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For most RSRs, the deadline to join the pending Hershey overtime lawsuit is July 13, 2012. The Consent to Join forms are listed immediately below.

The Notice and Consent to Join form for RSRs is located here.

For RSRs who worked in California, the Notice and Consent to Join form is located here.

Hershey is legally prohibited from retaliating against any present or past RSR for joining the case.

Update on Corrected Notices Due to Hershey's Inaccurate Addresses Provided

Approximately 420 individuals were sent notice that contained an incorrect name due to a clerical error by Hershey's counsel that was not attributable to any of the Plaintiffs or their counsel and that resulted in Notices being sent to a present or former RSR's address that were addressed to the incorrect RSR. These individuals are being resent the Notice. The substance of the Notice is the same as the initial Notice sent with three exceptions: (1) the name has been corrected in the corrected Notice, (2) as a result of the re-mailing of the Notice, the June 30 deadline for these individuals to respond to the Notice if they wish has been extended to July 13, 2012 and (3) if these individuals opt-in to the case, the parties have agreed that the limitation period will be extended by two weeks due to these errors.


On October 19, 2011, The Hershey Company, a large, well-known chocolate and confection maker, was sued for a second time for violating the overtime rights of its nationwide sales force. The San Francisco based Brandi Law Firm, in conjunction with Colorado attorney David Feola, brought suit on behalf of eleven former and one current Hershey RSRs seeking. A copy of the lawsuit can be found here.